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RedSky – Standard Client Charging Rates & Tariffs 2015

The following information should be read in conjunction with RedSky’s standard

Agreement/Terms & Conditions; the purpose of this document is to provide additional information relating to current specific individual charges. All charges are subject to VAT at the standard rate.

Funding-related Services

Debt / Loan funding


Engagement Fee

Success Fee*




£100,000 & above




Individually assessed


Please note:

*The Success Fee is a combination of the lender Procurement Fee and Client Fee.The above fees will not be payable by the Client if the bank/lender pays RedSky a procurement fee of at least the equivalent amount.


  • If bank/lender pays a Procurement Fee of 0.75% then client would pay the balance

of 0.25%

  • If no lender fee is payable by the bank/lender then client pays 1%

Equity funding

Engagement Fee

Success Fee

Variable depending upon level of input – typically £3,000/5,000

(Payable: 50% in advance; 50% on submission)

5% of amount raised

Grant applications

Engagement Fee

Success Fee

Variable depending upon level of input – typically £3,000/5,000

(Payable: 50% in advance; 50% on submission)

 15% of amount raised

Grant Eligibility Assessment – £195 (if conducted on RedSky premises)

Consultancy Services

The following charge-out rates shall apply:

RedSky Official

Rate per hour (exclusive of VAT)
Directors & Business Managers/Consultants


Marketing Specialist


Business Development Manager



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