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Grant Schemes

The experienced advisers at RedSky know that many business grant schemes are open across Yorkshire. They use their contacts to tap into a wealth of opportunity for new and growing businesses – and are often among the first to know when a new funding stream opens.

Grants Schemes Yorkshire

Grant Schemes for businesses

The beauty of grant schemes is that, unlike most lending, the money does not have to be repaid. While there are eligibility criteria for every grant, particularly where the money comes from a statutory fund, businesses which fit the requirements can benefit significantly from the money available.

Meeting criteria for grants

Grants can be available to businesses of certain ages or sizes, in particular sectors, or located in set geographical areas. The advisers at RedSky have extensive experience in finding the right grant to suit each business they work with and maximising the support available.

From finding the right fund to completing an application which demonstrates how the business meets all the criteria, our advisers can help you to access the funding you need to fuel your success.

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